Sete Tele

Sete Tele is a conceptual artist, a teaching artist, and a small business owner based in Perth, Western Australia.

A graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts, from the University of Melbourne Australia, Sete is a multi award winning artist and educator.

Sete’s creations relate to diaspora issues, identity displacement, loss, spirituality, and the joy of making art. His works have had national and international exposure.

Sete’s exuberance is derived from the engagement with the work, developing the work, and sharing of the work in whatever iteration the work demands! His play based and place based practice is instrumental in the process.

Sete enjoys the continual development of his practice and collaborating with other like minded provocateurs.

Sete’s fluidity in movement continues to engage and expand, savouring each moment where the connectedness with the movement of the universe shape our being!


Please check Sete’s blog page, and his found page for more info, you can also check his photo work on, and 

Sete is also part of The Hole Collective.


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