Sete Tele’s experience as a professional artist and educator spans over twenty years of dance as a performer, choreographer, teacher, and arts worker. His formative years were with 2 Dance Plus (now CO3 – a dance in education company), where the groundwork was laid for the subsequent opportunities to teach (as an independent dance artist) across the spectrum of professional, tertiary, secondary, primary, and community (urban and regional) dance environments. Sete has facilitated residencies in various remote indigenous communities in Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Sete has also developed performance works with people from diverse cultural backgrounds, refugee communities, and the disability sector (physical, intellectual, mental health, aged care).

Sete Tele is a recipient of three West Australian Dance Awards: Outstanding Performance by Male Dancer, Outstanding Teacher, Outstanding Achievement in Regional or Community Dance. He was an Asialink Artist in Residence at the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in Guangzhou, China. Other residencies include Time Place Space 2 and Time Place Space Nomads 2015, as well as a self-directed residency on Toronto Island, and a collaborative studio residency in Lisbon.

Sete’s practice to date is a compilation of experiences that coalesce to create works that reflect his perspective of the world. His medium is, contemporary dance with flavours from – his Samoan cultural heritage; Aikido (Japanese Martial Art of Peace); pop culture; found environments, and the experiences of working with artists from other fields – writers, theatre, visual art, performance art, and music.

Sete’s practice also includes place based artworks with a focus on participatory works, be it ensemble, collaborative, or via solo contexts. His aesthetic is to re-contextualise the human to human, whereby the rules of interaction are challenged to navigate a paradigm shift arriving at a new protocol. Improvisation is his base that yields all aspects of practice: the constant exploring and shifting of material unveils what is appropriate. This solid foundation continues to evolve, to be reconfigured in response to the requirements of the project at hand.


(please check Sete’s blog page for more info)

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